Fusebox Replacement

Here at J electrical we offer the very lowest prices on consumer unit upgrades and an cater for all different types of Consumer unit replacements, from the small units with just two MCB’S to extensive  multiple three- phase units. Simply give us a call or email and we are happy to give you some advice and a free quote.

It is very important to have a modern consumer unit or fuebox as they are commonly known, older units are far more likely to catch fire and burn out.  21st century electrical demands mean old fuse boxes, with loose connections and wrongly rated KA values are not suitable.

Having a new consumer unit ensures the wiring has been checked and reconnected tightly, all new 17th edition consumer units come with either 1 or 2 Residual Current Device (RCD) units, depending on the amount of Mcbs your property requires.

On all new consumer units, the KA value is also raised to around six times the strength of the older style fuses this has stopped the older Mcb’s literally breaking apart and catching fire.

The RCD is where the extra safety comes in, these save lives every day by tripping out your circuit in under 40 milliseconds, these really are incredible inventions that are a must to comply with 17th edition regulations.

A RCD is also designed to protect you from shocks; by using the idea that the current in the live and the neutral must be exactly the same. If it isn’t, then some current, even a very small amount, must be leaking to ground somewhere, perhaps through you. As a current leaking to ground always indicates a fault, the RCD breaks the circuit.